With an eye for visuals and experience in production design and art department, I'm the creative problem solver you want on set. All projects listed are currently in post production or festival circuit - please reach out for more info on any of them!
dir. Victor Soares (feature)

Two teenagers wake up kidnapped in an RV, and try to understand the nature of their kidnapping and how to escape.
This production design involved creating stunt-safe old pipes, stunt safe metal bucket, as well as set dressing, prop shopping, set building, and working with stunts, rigs, and special effects. Currently in post production, more stills to follow.
dir. Daria Adamczyk (short)

Two girls living in a magic oasis find themselves changing when the tree in the center begins to develop.
I designed the set for this short, as well as creating the background scenery, creating the greenery, and making the tree and all the flowers/fruits.
dir. Josh Lonner (short)

A lady of the night meets a slew of characters.
Production design for this film involved rear projection night driving scene, prop making and buying, and special effects makeup for a gritty and real look.
dir. Nathan Setiabudi (short)
After witnessing a brutal murder, a man begins to feel paranoid about the killer coming after him to tie loose ends.
For this film, I decorated the messy garage as seen here, in addition to making/sourcing props and special effects makeup.
dir. Savion Davenport (short)
A young inventor, trapped in a post-apocalyptic bunker. Alone, he spends his days using a virtual reality device he invented that taps directly into his memories. He uses it to relive moments with his girlfriend, but the longer he uses it, the more dangerous it becomes.
For this film, I created the VR headset and decorated the room to look like a messy inventor's bunker and workspace. 
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